Game Killer

Helps to hack gems and gold on various Android games


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  • Category General
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2.70
  • Size 308 KB
  • Works under: Android
  • Content rating Unrated
  • Package name cn.lm.sq
  • Program by 枫影(尹湘中)

The Game Killer app for the Android OS is basically a giant cheat sheet for those gamers out there who like to see what their games are like when they can run around in god-mode or change other aspects about their favorite games.

What Game Killer is and What it Does

There are millions upon millions of gamers out there, and many of them like cheating with their games. Not because the games are too hard to beat necessarily; but because it adds another level of intrigue and excitement when you get to decide how the game is going to function. This is where the Game Killer app for Android comes into play. By accessing an offline game that you have installed on your mobile device, you can begin to play around with a variety of values and commands and give your players unlimited health, or tweak levels of game-play, or a number of other changeable aspects of the game that will only be accessible with this particular application.

It doesn't stop with only games, of course. Let's say you have an app installed that you want to tweak a bit. Well, as long as that app is currently offline, you should be able to easily get into its code and begin to tweak and change things more to your liking. Sure, some people are honest and don't want to create these sorts of changes to their games and media. Other people, however, definitely want to see what their favorite media is like once it's been changed around per their specifications.

Pros and Cons of Game Killer


  • Accesses practically any offline game or app
  • Instructions are fairly easy to understand once app begins working
  • Free app that doesn't take up much room
  • Works on any Android 2.3 or higher


  • Mobile device must be rooted to use
  • Any game or app to be changed must be offline
  • Cannot modify games beyond numeric “values”

What's New v2.70-更新: 1、解决在部分ROM上获取root失败的bug; 2、增强查看变量功能(dalvik运行时); 3、修正其它一些bug。 v2.61: 1、新增数据过滤功能(数据类型、数据范围、地址范围) 2、最大列表显示项增加到500个 3、修正一些bug Read more